The Personal Experience

Carl & Dave will perform an hour of incredible close-up magic, leaving your guests open-mouthed and thoroughly impressed with what they’ve just witnessed.

Carl & Dave work together to create seemingly impossible magic! You thought this kind of magic could only be seen on TV.


The Laughter Experience

Mixing up comedy, campness, impressive illusions and knock-about fun, this forty-five minute act is fabulous entertainment. Full of banter and innuendos, this Internationally awarded performance will certainly give your guests something to remember.

"The trickery was original, the banter between the two highly amusing and, come the end, you really sensed you had seen something quite unusual" - The Stage.


The Ultimate Experience

Carl & Dave will act as your guests for the first half hour after arrival. We will mingle with your guests, as though we are simply guests ourselves, and quite strange ones at that. We will get to know people, keeping it a surprise (for now) that we are actually entertainers. This is lots of fun and it’s a great surprise when they find out who we really are.

After this we will start performing jaw-dropping close-up magic for an hour, building a rapport with your guests, getting them excited for the stage performance to follow. After this we will perform our award-winning 45-minute comedy double act.

We arrive early to set the stage, so we’re ready for our main performance, following the mix & mingle magic. This package includes a phone call with Dave himself. Here you can discuss your requirements and get a better understanding of how we are going to guarantee a memorable experience for everyone.




International Coverage

  +44 7832 120 284


Carl Charlesworth and Dave Allen are Associate Members of The Inner Magic Circle. This is the highest degree achievable through performance recognition